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Modern World History/ Post WWII

This middle eastern nation kidnapped American hostages and held them for 444 days
The colonial power of Vietnam until the 1950's.
This man was President during the Korean War
The Balfour Declaration promised a homeland for these people
The country that was overtaken by Pol Pot
The Industrial Revolution began in this nation
The belief that one race is superior to another
When two superpowers fight a war on behalf of the ideology of a third nation.
A government controlled by religious leaders and beliefs
An economic system of private ownership of property and the right to keep profits
Leader of the Chinese Communist Revolution
Short for Palestinian Liberation Organization
"Jewel of the ___." this was the title of Britain's greatest colony, India
Ho Chi Minh was from this nation
A nation that does not rule by the guidelines and beliefs of a religion.
A South African policy of segregation of blacks from whites
Short for United Nations
Another name for a leader of the Iranian government
The belief by the U.S. that the fall of one country to communism will lead to a border country also falling to communism
The group of people that oppose the state of Israel
Waterway that allowed connection from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea
Land, government and resources of a weak nation being controlled by a stronger nation