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Catch the Science Bug's Magnificent Magnets

By Catch the Science Bug
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The earth's magnetic field is created by movement of the___ metal in the outer core.
Magnets that can not loose their magnetism are said to be this type of magnet.
Metals that are not magnets can be ______ magnets if connected to a magnet.
Neodymium magnets are made of neodymium, iron and ____
Two poles that are the same do this
This mineral and hematite are found in rocks and can attract magnets.
An electromagnet is advantageous because it can be turned __ ___ ___.
The ____ ____ extends in all directions around the magnet.
In a magnet, the magnetic field flows from the north to the south ___ .
Magnets are found in every day life like in food processors, TVs, and ____
The record of the earth's poles switching is found in the lava that has _____ into rock on the sea floor.
The north and south poles move by about ___ miles every year.
Magnetic ________ is when a piece of metal that is not a magnetic is made into a magnet by forcing the unpaired electrons to spin in the same direction.
Lodestone was used to make the first ______ . This helped early sailors to navigate.
Magnets can cause other magnets and a certain type of train to ____ or be suspended in mid air.
_____ magnets are the strongest magnets in the world.
This was one of the first rocks to be discovered that had magnetic properties
Alnico magnets get their name from the first two letters of each of three main ingredients: aluminum, nickel, and _____.
_____ poles attract.
The magnetic field protects us from harmful radiation from the ___.
______ is needed to make an electromagnetic.
About every half million years the earth's north and south poles ____.
In the atom, it is spin of the unpaired _____ that give rise to magnetism.
Copper and ___ are metals that are not magnetic.
Magnetic fields can travel through liquids, ______, and gases.