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People in American History

This man was a very rich businessman who was born in Scotland but believed in giving to charity
This man was known as King Philip and also _________
This woman was known as the Angel of the Battlefield
This woman was a Native American Princess who married and traveled to England where she died
This woman was one of the first leaders of the woman's rights movement. Her counterpart was Elizabeth Cady Stanton
These two men explored the Louisiana Territory for Jefferson. The were assisted by Sakagawea
This woman was banished from her colony because of her religious beliefs and how they clashed with the Puritan leadership
This man is best known as being one of the founding fathers but he also invented a lot of things including the lightning rod
This inventor is best known for the telephone
This man was an inventor best known for perfecting the lightbulb
This woman started the Montgomery Bus Boycott
This woman was an African American woman who was an educator and founder of a college - she went to school and then came home and taught her siblings
This man was a Native American warrier who brought many tribest together to stregnthen them against the white settlers
This woman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad
This man was the first African American in the major leagues
This man was the first African American Justice on the Supreme Court
This artist made paintings by splattering paint on huge canvasses
This man disagreed with Booker T. Washington about the slow integration of African Americans
This man wanted slow and gradual integration of African Americans
This man was a famous boxer
This man mass produced cars
This woman was blind and deaf but learned how to communicate
This man said, "I have a dream"
This man was one of the founders of Apple Computers