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Chemistry (pages 2-73)

The factor that is changed as a result
A measure of how hot or cold something is
Ethylene glycol
Made up by companies
The factor that is changed
Cause things to burn hotter and faster because they break down to give more oxygen
Based on what makes up each chemical
May explode or catch fire if close to heat or sparks
A new, different substance is made
Materials easily burn or catch fire at temperatures below 38 degrees Celcius
React with acids to cause heat
A substance that speeds up change
Factors that can be changed in an investigation
The factors that must be kept the same
Dissolved in a solvent
Sodium bicarbonate
Matter might change shape, size or state but remains the same substance
The part of the ad that claims how the advertised product is better than other products
Calcium carbonate
Easier names
Sodium chloride
Maybe corrosive