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Intro to Biblical Archaeology

Teacher:  George Sparks
Topic:  Biblical Archaeology
Teaching:  Intro to Biblical Archaeology
Trade route, Via ______.
A cylindrical jar with a lid.
The Jordan river originates at Mount ______.
This river flows through the Great Rift Valley.
Hazor is located here (two words).
A curved shape on the top of pottery
An Egyptian seal
What is a tanur?
Beni Hassan is buried here.
The patriarchs lived during the _____ Bronze Age.
Sir Flinders Petrie created time ______ dating.
Israel was a land bridge between Egypt and ______.
It's where ziggurats are found in the ancient world.
____ pottery is distinguished by bichrome design
An oblong object with the pharaoh's name
The _____ wheel was invented during the Middle Bronze Age.
Elevated archaeological site.
The patriarch of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, and ______.
Glazed pottery with colored design
The ___ Age follows the Late Bronze Age.