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The Nature of Science - Ch. 1

An explanation based on multiple observation in repeated experiments
An idea, picture, a stem, or a mathematical expression that represents a concept
This science is not an Earth Science
How scientists test their theories, an order of practice.
The measure of the amount of matter that occupies a given space
Parts of an expirment that are not changed. ________ variable
The study of organisms and their surroundings
Length times Width
An educated guess to be tested
From the top of the surface of the Earth to the center.
Study of the materials of Earth
Study of the waters of the planet
A measure of the average kinetic energy in an object
The interval between two events
The amount of matter in an object
A shortcut way of writing very large or very small numbers.
The entire planet, where there is life
The part of the experiment that is the same for eery subject
Study of what makes weather
Length times Width times Heighth.
Once a theory has been tested and tested and the results are the same, then the theory becomes a ____
The part of Earth that contains the water cycle
Study of things outside our atmosphere
The part of the Earth that is above the ground and holds air.
What is being tested in an experiment; independent _____
The measure of the gravitation pull on an object