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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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The Gospel of Mark 14-16

Teacher: Mr. David Bonnet
The house Jesus is anointed Simon the _____.
The man Pilate released, who's name means "son of father"
The sign how Judas would betray Jesus in the garden
Council member who asked for Jesus dead body
The garden Jesus prayed in before being arrested
Number of times Peter denies Jesus
Person in the Gethsemane who could not follow Jesus (2wds)
Where Jesus was crucified. Another name is place of skulls.
The apostle who betrayed Jesus
What Jesus was accused of
The name of the Jewish council that tried Jesus
line 2 of this book, Jesus quotes on the cross.
(blank) and fear are opposed to each other in Mark's Gospel
Number of apostles
When Jesus rises and seated at the right hand of God
Apostles with Jesus in the garden Peter, John, and _____.