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Reptile and Amphibian Study

Ohio reptile that typically basks in water and lays out on rocks, submerged logs, or branches hanging low over water. Eats amphibians.
Ohio's largest turtle by far weighing 35 pounds or more. Has powerful dangerous jaws and can eat birds.
The most common snake in Ohio. Lives in many forests/wetlands.
Amphibian known for its population of plant choked ponds and streams. Has a call sounding similar to clicking of a cricket.
Reptile in Ohio forests dwells beneath rotting logs/leaves, hundreds crawl out from hiding during rain.
A common Ohio turtle known for its red, green and black stripes. Lives in shallow pond water, eats plants insects and fish.
The largest amphibian in North America, females can lay thousands of eggs in a foamy film in the spring.
Common amphibian in Ohio and has many warts. It needs habitats both in water on land.
Rare but very large Ohio snake which eats mice and squirrels. Is venemous and has a rattle
Amphibian that has smooth moist skin and sticky adhesive toe discs allowing it to climb rapidly. Primarily lives in trees and ponds.