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What Bird of Prey Am I?

I see urine trails in ultraviolet, that is how I track my prey.
I'm an owl you might hear saying "who cooks for you?"
I am an owl who has feather tufts on my head, that many people think are my ears.
I am a very small hawk, and I get my name from my very thin legs.
I'm one of the smallest North American owls.
I am "America's bird". My head is white.
I'm a hawk that you might see around here, I am one of the most widely spread hawks.
I am all white, with yellow eyes. I'm an owl who spend some of my time in the Arctic.
I like to eat something called carrion, and my face has no feathers.
I am a falcon, who can dive at 240mph.
I am a tropical owl who had unique markings around my eyes that look like glasses.
I am a owl well known for living in tall places on farms.
I am an eagle who is all brown, and named for the unique feathers around my head.