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The Coral Snake

This part of the coral snake is usually too small for them to be considered dangerous.
One of the colors of a coral snake's stripes.
A coral snake has three colors in a ___ pattern.
Name a place where they live.
Where else do they live?
The poison in a snake.
Coral snakes can grow to be this many feet long.
The last color of their stripes.
Where do coral snakes like to live?
Coral snakes like to sleep under ____ leaves.
What coral snakes like to eat.
The coral snake cannot withdraw these into their mouth.
Another color of their stripes.
Coral snakes can be as skinny as this object.
How many inches is a newly hatched baby coral snake?
What other snake is similar in appearance to a coral snake?
When red and yellow stripes ____, it means it is a poisonous coral snake.