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Minerals: The Building Blocks of Rocks

Teacher: Mrs. Cremins
The hardest mineral on Mohs' Hardness Scale; it has a hardness rating of 10 and can scratch all of the other minerals
Minerals are identified by their ____________ ______________, such as luster, cleavage, and streak.
This mineral is found in your toothpaste.
This mineral comes in many colors such as; white, rose, smoky, purple, brown, and colorless. It is a 7 on Mohs' Hardness Scale.
A mineral can be identified by the color it leaves when scratched along a white tile. The color it leaves is called the mineral's ____________.
The way a mineral splits or breaks apart is called ______________.
Rocks that are mined because they contain useful minerals are called _______. (pg 146)
This is a physical property which refers to a mineral's ability to scratch or be scratched by another mineral.
These are natural, nonliving substances that make up rocks. They are sometimes referred to as the "building blocks of rocks."
This table shows the hardness of 10 common minerals, ranging from the softest to the hardest. It is called _____________ _______________ ____________
These minerals are valued for their beauty and are often used in jewelry.
This mineral has a brassy yellow color and metallic luster. It is often called "fool's gold."
This physical property describes the way light reflects off the surface of a mineral. It can be metallic, shiny, glassy, or dull
This is the softest mineral on Mohs' Hardness Scale. It is an ingredient in paint and in powders, such as talcum powder.