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History 106

He instituted five-year plans in Russia
The Central Powers Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and ...
The cotton gin was invented by
His fatal mistake was to attack the Germans
He discovered that germs cause disease
Prime Minister of Germany under the Kaiser between 1862 and 1888
This ship was sunk in May 1915
Another name for the Industrial Revolution was the ....... Age
This treaty provided for the establishment of the League of Nations
The British and the Arabs joined together to defeat these people in World war 1
The name of the executive head of parliament in Britain
Warfare that is fought between trenches of opposing sides is called ......... warfare
The fascists in Italy were led by him
This scientist predicted things about splitting the atom
Pierre and Marie Curie discovered this
The revolution against Maximilian was led by
The scientist who said matter is not destroyed by burning but changes form
The British liberal party leader
Einstein's first name
The communist manifesto was written by Marx and
After the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand , Austria attacked this country
He led the Russian government after the overthrow of Nicolas II
Stalin eliminated hi enemies through the Soviet Secret ...
He led the American Forces in the Pacific on their march to victory over Japan
He led the allied invasion of Europe on D-Day
Discovered yellow fever is carried by mosquitoes
British Conservative party Leader
Edward Jenner made a vaccine against this disease
Das kapital was written by
The Allies were lead by him in WW1