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Cats and Such

For the Midgey
You might say this if you are disappointed; it rhymes with rang
Name of a princess on Lyman Road
He is your best friend at the dog park
You wears this on your head
What you sit on when doing yoga
Your mama
Meow animal
What your car does when it comes to a red sign
The___. (You might read this phrase at the end of a movie or book.
I know ___ are but what am I?
5 and 5 make ___
Short for tattoo
This is yoy
She is a feline and very fuzzy and furry
Ron's eternal lovey
What jesus is to you
If flies at night and sleeps upside down
What raquel is to you
Some people think the Earth is ___ but we know it is round
Rey rey's rodent
What you did on a chair
Woof animal
This toy spins and spins
You have 10 of these on your feet