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Homer 7-8 Pylos & Sparta

God of the sea to whom the men of Pylos make a sacrifice of bulls
Number of marriages being celebrated at Sparta when Telemachus arrives
Friend and adviser to Telemachus (Athene in disguised)
Queen of Sparta
King of Sparta whose daughter and son are celebrating marriages
Son of Nestor who accompanies Telemachus to Sparta
Ithakan youth who travels to Pylos and Sparta to find out about his father
Long stick Helen uses to work colored yarn
Hero most favored by Athene, not yet back from Troy
Gray-eyed goddess who helps Telemachus make a voyage
City in southwest coast of Greece
Pulled by 2 horses, driven by Peisistratus
Son of Nestor killed at Troy
Greek leader at Troy; killed on his return home
Animals sacrificed to Poseidon by men of Pylos
What Helen adds to wine to ward off painful memories