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Ch. 1 History of Healthcare

Teacher: TMarshall
Treatment of patients that uses video, audio and computer systems to provide medical/health care services
An outbreak of a disease occurs over a wide geographic area and affects a high proportion of the population
Assisted in publication of medical books
A type of practitioner who prescribes diet, herbal treatment, exercise, yoga, etc to restore and maintain harmony in the body
Invented the microscope
"rebirth of the science of medicine"
Diagnostic related groups, combination of services, outpatient services, mass or bulk purchasing, energy conservation
"founder of modern nursing"
Described the structure of DNA
Believe that the brain sends vital energy to all body parts through nerves in the spinal cord
Growing field started by DRGs that resulted in shorter hospital stays so patients need care at home
Invented the stethoscope
First people to record health records
The most common health care system in the United States
Type of therapy/treatment used in conjunction with conventional medical therapies
Most rapid growth in health care
Developed a vaccine to prevent smallpox
Practitioner who practice ancient holistic-based healing on the belief that a life energy flows through every living person in an invisible system that link the organs together and connect them to the external environment or universe
Health field created because of longer life spans and the volume of baby boomers
"Father of Medicine"
Type of therapy/treatment used in place of biomedical therapies
International agency that monitors health problems throughout the world