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Georgia History Crossword

Valley and ridge is the...
County located in the piedmont region
Rolling hills
The smallest region in Georgia.
know for growing pecans and peanuts and largest region.
Appalachian,Blueridge,valley and ridge,piedmont, coastal
The largest fresh water swap in Georgia.
Region located in the middle of Georgia
Region where Atlanta is located.
Carpet and textile capitol is located in this region.
Accounts for less than !% of Georgia"s farmland
The capital of carpet and textile
The only river than goes into another state.
Flat gently sloping land
Spot of the first major gold rush
The mountain region that runs through the Appalachian Plateau blue ridge and valley and ridge region.
A mountain location located in the piedmont region
5th highest mountain peak in Georgia
Located at the eastern most edge of Georgia
Georgia's located in reference to the globe.