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Chapter 36: Patient Interviews and History

Teacher: SREvans
Repeating what a patient says in your own words back to the patient.
Is the physician's diagnosis or impression of the patient's problem.
Stating what you believe the patient is suggesting or implying
What medical term has the abbreviation of Wt?
Restating in your own words what a person is saying
Information about the patient's condition that is readily apparent or measureable
This is information that may be started by the patient but is completed by the practitioner.
Is information that is obtained from the administrative sheets and includes the patien'ts name, birth date, and other basic data.
Asking questions that provide an increased understanding of a problem.
This is used as an assessment on if the patient is running a temperaure/fever or not.
Includes thoughts, feelings, and perceptions including the chief complaint
Treatment options, types of treatments, medications, tests, consultations, patient education and follow-up care
What medical term, associated with vital signs, has an abbreviation of R?
Repeating what a patient says in your own words back to the patient.
When a thought, idea or opinion is formed as a result of deeper thought
Which medical term has the abbreviation of Ht
This section includes information about the health of the patient's family members
This is the reason the patient came to visit the doctor
The use of a substance in a way that is not medically approved.
How many C's are there in charting
What medical term has the abbreviation of P
A physical or psychological dependence on a substance.
This is a method of charting in medical records and is commonly used in the doctor offices.