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A Brief History of Science

Around 2650 B.C. this Egyptian was renowned for his knowledge of medicine.
Father of life sciences - also believed in spontaneous generation.
Know for hir study of reproduction or genetics.
In 1543 he published a book on the Human body with detailed illustrations of the organs, muscles andskeleton
Proposed the idea that, like matter, energy comes in little "packets" called Quanta.
Known for his Theory of Evolution which explains how we got here withour reference to a Creator. Wrote "The Origin of the Species"
Invented the Microscope.
Father of the scientific method.
One of the first scientist to demonstrate how closely math and science are linked.
"The Electrical Giant". Believed that Electricity and Magnetism were the result of a single process.
Known as the father of atomic theory.
Came up with the First Law of Thermodynamics.
Known for his Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
Founder of Modern Physics.
Offered an explanation for why a rain bow appears in the sky. "The priest who solved the mystery of the rainbow".
Developed a picture of the atom and even had a model named after him.
Demonstrated Atmospheric Pressure and invented the Adding Machine.
One of the greatest scientists of all time. Laid down 3 laws of motion, laws of gravity, developed calculus and showed white light is composed of many different colors of light.
This scientist along with Anaximander & Anaximenes are viewed as the first real scientists.
Invented the Telescope.
Developed Equations to describe Speed, Distance traveled, Etc. Showed that most of what Aristotle said about motion was wrong.
Followed Grosseteste. "Proved" wrong the superstition that a diamond could only be broken with the application of goat blood.
One of the first to break Ptolemy's Geocentric view. (Correctly) Believed that the earth spins while it orbits the sun. (Heliocentric System)
Thought the earth was the center of the universe and the planets and stars orbited about the earth in a series of circles. Also called the Ptolemaic system or geocentri system and does not move.
Was wrong about many thing concerning atoms but he was right about them being in constant motion.
Founder of modern atomic theory.
Developed Pasteurization. Destroyed the idea of spontaneous generation and was know for his work with vaccines.
Published a book on Classification.
Studied Geology. Thought the Earth took millions of years to form.
Used mathematical data to support the heliocentric system and found the oval or ellipse pattern the planets use to travel around the sun.
Founder of modern Chemistry.