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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Spelling Week 1

When camping in a remote area we enjoy the ___________ environment.
The goal of schools is to make sure no one remains ____________.
It was __________ for the birds to come up close to the people walking through the park.
The cheering squad had a performance ____________ to any other squad in the competition.
When the man sat in the hard seat you could tell he was __________.
It is very _________ that our teacher will let us have an extra recess every week.
The students ___________ surprised the teacher with balloons on her birthday!
Without a GPS we were ___________ of the directions to the new restaurant.
The magician ended his show with an _____________ illusion!
The man walking towards me was __________, with his hair mussed up and his shirt untucked.
After getting bit by the dog, the girl thought the pain was __________.
Grades on a report card are ___________ once the report card goes home.
The road block's _____________ consequence included a huge traffic jam.
With little children you need to use __________ cups for drinks.
Treating others disrespectfully is _____________ behavior.