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US History Crossword Wk 6

Name: _______________________________

Date: _____________________
King George did much to _____ American colonists.
America was _____ for war.
Her hat was _____, and her hair was a mess.
Two chairs _____(ed) the fireplace.
Since cold, harsh winters were _____ in New England, colonists had to store plenty of food every autumn.
Colonists grew _____ in taunting the redcoats.
The minutemen were _____ and raced to store as many arms as possible.
The Sons of Liberty would audaciously _____ the British guards.
The colonists _____ refused British shiploads of taxed tea.
It was imperative that they did not _____ any ammunition.
The minutemen would not _____ in their resolve.
Colonists became _____ over excessive taxes.
There was much _____ between the king and the colonists.
Redcoats _____ guarded the ships of tea.