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Psychology 10.2

SS 111
Memory aids, especially those techniques that use vivid imagery and organizational devices that use associations to help memorize information
Memory retrieval in which a person identifies an object, idea or situation as one he or she has or has not experienced before
The ability to retain images in memory that are almost perfect photographic quality; ability to remember with great accuracy visual information on the basis of short-term exposure
Alteration of a recalled memory that may be simplified, enriched or distorted, depending on a person's experiences & attitudes
Memory retrieval in which a person must retrieve information learned earlier
Fading away of memory over time
The linking of new information to material that is already known; rehearsal in which meaning is added to the material to be remembered
Blockage of a memory by previous or subsequent memories
Conceptual frameworks a person uses to make sense of the world
The act of filling in memory gaps