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In more than one relationship at a time.
The age/era of the new stone age, when people learned to make fire and tools such as saws and drills.
Any object made by human beings.
Ceramic ware.
A person who specializes in the study of human beings.
Before Christ.
Significant change in agriculture that occurs when there are discoveries that change productions.
The scientific study of prehistoric people and their culture.
Any remains, impression, or trace of living things.
This era was the first part of the stone age; they used stone tools.
An object that has been modified to help a person accomplish a task.
In a relationship with one person at a time.
The process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans.
People who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, and nuts to survive.
People who are constantly moving for survival.
An expert in history.
The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.
Pursuing a particular line of study or work.
Before common era.
Huge stone monument.
A community of people who share a common culture.