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Dog Breeds Review

Teacher: Ms. Lopez
What breed is Ms. Lopez's dog?
Which language is bassett from?
Known for health issues.
Caroline Kennedy's dogs name.
No doggy odor.
Smallest toy breed and native to mexico.
Can have different color eyes?
Born without a tail.
Born with tiger stripes.
Hairless dog that is native to mexico.
What breed was Caroline Kennedy's dog?
What does the word bassett mean?
Which dog breeds do best in small spaces?
Looks like tiger stripes.
Develops black tongue.
No spots at birth.
Lives to be about 6-8 years old.
Describe the color liver.
One man dog (US- police dog).
What breed of dog does Mrs. Clark bring to school?
What are the two merle colors?
Which breed is considered a workaholic?