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Dental History Review

Practices with only one dentist
Self determination
Type of dental assistant that works directly with the dentist in treatment area
Never revealing any personal information about the patient
Fist dental hygienist
Dental assistants, hygienist, and laboratory techs
An attitude that is apparent in everything you do and say, in and out of the dental office.
Took a rational approach to treating patients
Professional negligence
Involving an act that brings harm to a person or damage to property
Grand old man of dentistry
She discovered "hairy leukoplakia"
Earliest dentist known by name
Responsible for the evaluation and accreditation of dental educational programs in United States (abrv)
Federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patient's healthcare information
Oral healthcare professional trained to provide supportive procedures for the dentist/patients
Dental specialty that diagnosis and treats diseases of the pulp
Dental specialty concerned with neonatal through adolescent patients
Discovered radio graphs
Consent for treatment indicated through patients actions