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5th Grade Art Facts

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These shapes have straight edges, angles, and names: square, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle.
______are 3-D. 3-D means it has thick mass (depth).
How many Primary Colors are in each Secondary Color?
The colors in-between the primary and secondary colors on the color wheel are called the ________ colors.
Color is made of light. _______. HUE is another word for color.
These colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue.
Line______is what the line looks like: rough, jagged, fat, skinny, short, long, curved, zigzag, straight.
Shapes are 2-D. 2-D means _______.
This is a tool artists use to organize and understand the 12 basic colors.
The ______of Design are: Balance, Movement, Rhythm, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, and Unity.
The ________of Art are: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Texture, and Space.
These shapes are free-form shapes with curved edges and no names. “Blobs.”
These colors are Orange, Green, and Violet.