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The Chemistry Basis of Life

Teacher: Haltiwanger - A&P The Chemical Basis of Life
Substance that ionizes in water solution to release hydrogen atoms.
Atom carrying a positive charge
A molecule (like water) whose shape gives an uneven distribution of charges.
A molecule that contains carbon
The structural unit of a protein molecule
Single sugar, such as glucose and fructose
Atom carrying a negative charge
A double-stranded polymer of nucleotides.
Chemical bond formed between two ions by transfer of electrons.
Weak bond between a hydrogen atom and an atom of oxygen or nitrogen.
Chemical that increases the rate of a chemical reaction.
Chemical that does not include carbon and hydrogen atoms.
A substance that ionized in a water solution.
Fat, oil, or fat-like compound.
Building block of nucleic acid molecules, consists of a sugar, nitrogenous base, and phosphate group.
Suger produced by the union of two monosaccharides.
Substance that ionized in water; releasing hydroxide (-OH) or other ions that combine with hydrogen ions.
A chemical that takes part in a chemical reaction.
The result of a chemical reaction.
Protein that catalyzes a specific biochemical reaction.