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MLK's Letter From a Birmingham Jail

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
A state or condition of no punishment or lack of punishment...
This happened to African-American homes and churches and even to Dr. King's own home.
Dr. King's home town
A city in the American South where Dr. King and his supporters went in April of 1963 for cultural and political change...
A prepositional phrase that describes how fast the goal of civil rights was being achieved in 1960's America
A descriptive adjective that Dr. King used repeatedly to characterize his movement....
A participle adjective used by Dr. King to describe his "....dreams of the past...."
Another word for unhappiness
Separation of two classes or races of people
The last name of the U.S. President who was in office during April of 1963....
How the high school students were described after they heard Dr. King speak to them after he had been released from jail
A legal piece of paper that prohibits something from happening...
The audience to whom Dr. King addressed his letter
An item of clothing that was worn by Dr. King for Easter of 1963