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US Civics Review

Article I of the Constitution describes the job of this
Article II of the Constitution describes the duties of this person
This document is basically a list of complaints about the King of England (3 words)
The belief that the United States will expand across the continent is known as this (2 words)
To free from slavery
Article III of the Constitution describes the role of this (two words)
This riot in Boston saw five colonists killed and anti-British feelings rise (2 words)
This book by Harriet Beecher Stowe hardened northern attitudes against slavery (3 words)
This former slave was at the center of a pivotal lawsuit on the subject of slavery (2 words)
This document is the set of laws for the United States
This word means to change or to add; often used in the US Constitution
This law created hostility against slavery even though it was meant to help southerners (3 words)
This word means to come to agreement by having both sides give up a demand
Each part of the government keeps an eye on the other-we call this (3 words)
This political party was nativist and anti-Catholic (2 words)
Abraham Lincoln's Political party