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AP World History CH.1&2 Vocabulary

Socially transmitted patterns of action and expression
Eastern Philosophy that emphasized a withdrawal from rigid hierarchies and empty distractions
Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician are examples of this language family
This river, along with the Tigress River, form the basin the supplied ancient Mesopotamia
The art of combining two or more metals together is called
Indus people were masters of this technology
Egyptian writing is known as:
Idea (in Ancient China) that the leader ruled only by consent of God(s) (3 words)
A system of writing using wedge-shaped symbols representing words
Small independent state consisting of an urban center (city) and surrounding hinterlands (2 words)
The Egyptian term for Nubia
This river runs through Egypt
This "code" was one of the first written legal systems in the ancient world
A hoofed animal found in the Andes mountains in South America
Term for extremely strict adherence to the rule of law in ancient cultures
Alloy of copper, tin and sometimes silver
Hunters and gatherers are known as ______.
This river was the site of the first civilizations in China
Chinese belief in the balance of complementary factors (2 words)
Old Stone Age
The Druids were religious experts for these people
The first Mesoamerican civilization
Massive pyramid-like structure with a step-pattern. Used in Mesopotamian religious practices
The Epic of _______ was a work of fiction in Mesopotamia
In the West, the Chinese philosopher Kongzi is known as ______.
New Stone Age
_________ societies herded and transported animals
The first major urban civilization in South America
The Egyptian worldview, stressing stability