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Physics Methods of Science

Statement about what happens in nature and seems to be true all the time.
Energy, matter and how they are related
Standard by which experimental results can be compared.
Never work _____
After creating a hypothesis, you should ______
Comparison between an unknown quantity and a standard.
After experimenting, you should _____
Factor that is manipulated
Never add ____ to acid
Patterns of investigation procedures
Explanation of things based on observation, and investigations.
Must be worn at all times _______
Eat, drink, or chew gum in the lab.
All experiments must be ______
Never point a ____ at yourself or someone else
Hypothesis contains the words _______
Work in ____ areas when dealing with gases.
Testable explanation for a problem
Last step of scientific method
Do not taste any ________
First step in scientific method. Ask a ____
Second step in scientific method.
Factor whose outcome depends on the independent variable
Should be tied back to prevent falling into experiment
If a chemical gets in your eye, flush for ____ minutes
NEVER put drinks or food ____ in the science room
In our class, we will RESPECT our _____.