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Random History Trivia

created by Claire Perez just for fun...History Picnic September 2017
Domestic entrepreneur and founder of her own magazine; she was a History major
This past spring, this History PhD graduate 2015 gave a presentation at the Conference on Creative Academic Writing; ______
Claire Perez started here in what year 20________
Number of CornellHistory Twitter Followers is over _____
Number of CHS undergraduates who worked on Ezra's Archives 2016-17?
First president of the AHA
Our new student assistant's name starts with KA, do you know the letters for the rest of her name?
Name of history alum who founded the Ithaca Voice
Bells once rang out from what part of our building
No. of Carl Becker Lecturers 2015-17 w/Twitter handles
Number of consecutive days it took Judy Yonkin and her husband to drive to Alaska this past summer
History Major who graduated in 2016 and is now working at the American Historical Association
Cornell historian who wrote this "Americans themselves have commonly taken democracy for granted, but for a century intelligent Europeans were aware that popular government and social equality on such a grand scale were new things in the world"
Hashtag used to find historians on Twitter
Dryden businessman who funded History's current Cornell home
Our Facebook page is used for announcements and is public, our Facebook group is used for connection and is _______.
Posted in the History Department in early 2017: Any person, Any Study from
Last years LaFeber-Silbey lecturer was
This famous alum of the Cornell History department is known for his sardonic wit and his New Rules
Faculty books submitted for our Faculty Research Page (submit your most recent anytime:-))
Number of local history organizations in Tompkins County outside of Ithaca
Department that Barb Donnell formerly worked in
Number of History Faculty and Post Docs on Twitter
Number of years Katie Kristof has served the department
Last year, the "What you can do with a history major" drew many students with the title, "Worried you will never get a job?" Who was our speaker.