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S3 is AWS's Simple ______ Services
Cloud Access Security Broker (Acronym)
Managed Service Provider (Acronym)
When moving to the cloud security controls must be in place to protect our ______
A unit of Amazon that provides a variety of cloud services
The existence of multiple cloud clients sharing resources on the same physical hardware
EC2 is AWS's Elastic ______ Cloud
The creators of gmail
A managed service provider helping with the move project
Cloud platform services whereby applications are delivered by a cloud provider
Redirects traffic to healthy Amazon EC2 instances for more consistent application performance(Acronym)
Cloud infrastructure services in which compute resources are delivered as a service
Microsoft's Cloud platform that provides PaaS and IaaS offerings
When considering a new cloud solution, don't forget to consider the impact to the _______
The WWIT team that will help you vet a new cloud solution you are considering