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History and Trends

An infectious disease that affects many people over a wide geographic area.
Use of natural scents and smells to promote health and well-being.
Care that promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being.
Enzymes or organic molecules; help protect the body from harmful chemicals called free radicals.
Using body and mind to maintain balance and flow of life energy
Altering a patient's energy fields to stimulate healing
World Health Organization
Puncturing the skin at specific points with thin needles to relieve pain and/or treat disease
Abbreviation for diagnostic related groups
Technique using imagination and as many senses as possible to visualize soothing images
Use of dilute natural substances to stimulate the immune system
Established principles of heredity
Services provided to patients without admitting the patient to a hospital or other care facility
Healing touch
Developed Pap test for cervical cancer
First female physician in the United States
Abbreviation for the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Alternative practitioner using only natural therapies to promote healing.
Method of preventing illness.
Type of relaxation therapy
Pressure applied to specific body pressure points.
Pertaining to older adults
Gene structure
Developed small-pox vaccine