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US History: Civil War

Required military service.
Those killed, wounded, captured, or missing in action.
Where Lincoln delivered his remarks. Was a two-minute speech.
Official acceptance as an independent nation.
Withdraw formally from membership in a federal union.
Began on May 1, 1863.
The first major battle of the Civil War.
The southerners had driven the Union forces back.
Soldiers who use surprise raids and hit-and-run tactics.
The war between the Union states of the North and the Confederate states of the South.
A special type of shell filled with bullets.
A branch of the military using ships to conduct warfare.
Escaped slaves who fled to the Union lines for protection.
A tactic in which an enemy is surrounded and starved in order to make it surrender.
16th president.
This amendment ended slavery in the United States forever.
The freedom of slaves.
Also called the Confederacy.
Transports soldiers, goods, and resources. The Southerners used this while the Northerners walked.
Also called the Union.
Devices that exploded in the air or when they hit something.
An act that created a national currency.
The emergency rule by military authorities.