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Unit 1: History of Healthcare

The study of this was forbidden during the Dark Ages
Imhotep was believed to be the first
Held back medical progress by centuries
Treated illness in the primitive era
A bacteria transmitted by fleas and rats
Robert Hooke proved that all living things are made of these
Kept accurate health records
Aristotle developed this field by dissecting animals
The Arab Hippocrates
First human anatomy book
Herbs and plants were used
Set up public hospitals
Developed by ancient Chinese
Fleming accidentally discovered this
Anton van Leeuwenhoek created this
Developed the x-ray machine
Father of medicine
Developed a procedure to destroy dangerous microorganisms
Used in the Primitive Era to treat pain
Rhazes developed the first form of this
Developed methods of medical asepsis
Inflicted disobedient people with disease in primitive era