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"Looking for Alaska"

Author: Sadie Swindall
Fried burritos served in the lunch room.
The action of killing one self intentionally.
Nickname for Chip Martin
Fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.
The religious faith of Muslims.
To give up resentment.
Rich kids who go home to their parents every weekend. (2 words)
The setting of "Looking for Alaska". (3 words)
Alcoholic drink with milk and vodka.
Characteristics of a system of society or government controlled by men.
Suffocating or lack of oxygen.
A religion with the teachings from Buddha.
A wistful yearning for something past or irrecoverable.
An assumption made.
Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.
The use of words to express the opposite of what one really means.
Nickname for Miles Halter
Alaska played these jokes better than anyone at school.
Results of your decisions.
The act of emphasizing something.
Pudge's reason for wanting to go to Boarding School. (3 words)
The significant character in the novel whose friendship brought all characters together.
Skeptical expression of disbelief.
Filling of support or allegiance.
To betray or inform on one's associates.
Alaska said "y'all smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die."
To make a full statement such as peoples last words.
The religion derived from Jesus Christ based on the Bible.
A place constructed of or filled with confusing intricate passageways.
Self-confience or assurance, especially in a demanding situation.
Bold and with out shame.