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The side that gets to present closing arguments last in a trial
Creator of the legislation that resulted in the formation of the first publicly funded police force
Era of policing identified as corrupt
The origin o f the word police
This does not protect speech that is directed at inciting imminent lawlessness;and the the lawlessness is likely to occur
This promises you have the right to confront your witnesses
This promises you protection from excessive bail; cruel and unusual punishment
A ruling given by a judge when he agrees with an attorney's objection
Responsible for professionalizing the policing industry; creator of the first university criminal justice program
Creator of the Bow Street Runners
Early form of punishment seen as equivalent to death
The "police" here were divided into districts, much like city precincts that exist in some places today
Another word for a police officer in the Metropolitan Police Force
This guarantees you the right to a grand jury
Location of the first known police organization
Era of policing that called for use of technology and the creation of civilian review boards
A legal system in which the group is held responsible for the other group members conduct
August Vollmer was associated with this era of policing
A ruling given by a judge when he disagrees with an attorney's objection