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Matthew Lang

Teacher: Mrs. Harpring
A low-roof concrete building at a strategic military site with openings for machine guns
Making little or no sense
Urged to action; "egged" on forced, prodded
The use of tricks to deceive someone
To ask for earnestly,to plead or beg; request with sincerly
Handgrip or front part of the saddle
Having an irritable disposition , cantankerous
Having something added to increase the strength
Exposure to unfriendly attacks or sever criticism
Following a winding course; wandering aimlessly
A long, slow and difficult journey especially on foot
Risky, chancy, hazardous, unsafe; full od danger
Full of joy enthusiasm
Showing a little interest or concern ; not
An open building in a park, public garden for exhibition, entertainment
Move or draw apart; to differ in opinion or character
Sad, lonely, desolate, or unhappy
To scold sharply put down, especially with lord