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Revolutionary War Georgia

By: Ernesto Garcia
The last royal governor of Georgia.
One of the cities that the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought in.
The battle that boosted the Patriotic morale and set up many victorious battles for them.
One of the Georgia signers who was killed during a dual.
Section of the Declaration of independence that declares the independence of the 13 colonies.
The introduction to the Declaration of Independence that also states its purpose.
The only Georgia representative in the Second Continental Congress in 1775.
One of the cities where the first Battle of the Revolutionary War took place.
Location of a failed siege by French and Patriotic troops against the British.
The group of Rebels fighting for their independence in the 13 colonies.
This Georgia signer is known as the most politically successful of the three total signers.
Acts committed after the Stamp Act by the king, considered unfair by the colonists
Common name for the colonists who stayed loyal to the king.
Name of the first president of the United States. He also was the leader of the Continental army.
The section of the Declaration of Independence that lists many terrible acts committed by the king against the colonists.
This was one of the ways the Patriots communicated with people that they wanted to recruit for their army.
The terrible act committed by the king that put taxes on very common items. These taxes were to help out Britain, because they were in debt.
Group of patriots that were tired of the king and wanted independence.
The people who helped out the patriots during the failed siege of Savannah.