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Crossword Word Search Worksheet


He drove a new Impala
Two sides of the campus
Jim, Jack or John
Second best tackle on the football team
President of homeroom 219
He had a rosy disposition
Campus media
If you were at station #3 you were at what beach?
Class Pres.
He jumped for joy a lot
The boys watched for these in the morning
He would give you "amici"
He was in the rocket club
Favorite date site
He was not a fink
Helmut Hefner's title today briefly
A looney leprachaun
Boys side of the schoolyard
Place to be seen cruisin'
His first name is a sandwich
One of the janitors
News editor of the campus paper
This Diane was in the International relations club
Favorite snack bar item at the beach
Favorite brewski of choice
She was on the tennis team
Tramma aka
Friday night place for pie
She drove a Nash Rambler
She had her own MacDonald
St Matthias alumni
He had the music
Football team trainer
Difficult sc class
Pius mascot
A varsity cheer leader
He went to the same school his mother did
Some of us send her money
He was the favorite of Disneyland fans
Kolden or Mandala
Melby or Mabey