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Due Date_____________________________________
Hamlet's mother, the Queen of Demark.
Twelfth ____ is one of his top performed plays.
This title character says "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him Horatio."
He wrote 4 narrative _____.
Shakespeare is considered the world's greatest ____.
Hamlet's father's name is King _____.
Hamlet's "girlfriend".
Taming of the _____ is another of his top performed plays.
Most of his plays are written in _______.
All the world's a _____ and the men and women merely players.
O for a _____ of fire.
Stratford-Upon-_____ is the home of his birthplace and the Royal Shakespeare Company.
She was Queen during the Renaissance.
Name of the castle in Hamlet.
He wrote 154 _____.
Number of syllables in most lines of iambic pentameter.
They are the star-crossed lovers.
How old he was when he died.
The name of the house he built in Stratford.
Hamlet's Advice to the _____ begins "Speak the speech, I pray you...".
His most performed play is A Midsummer Night's ________.
Character name whose first line is "Two households, both alike in dignity".
He wrote ____ plays.
"O for a muse of fire..." is the prologue to this history play.
He _____on his birthday in 1616.
His wife was ____Hathaway, like the actress.
He has three children. Susannah, and twins HamNet and ______.
Laertes and Ophelia's father, and right-hand man to the king of Denmark.
Some say there is a curse on this play.
_____ or not to be, that is the question.