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Grade 6: The Elements of Art

The areas in between things and around things, and the areas that make up things.
A line that runs side to side, or east to west
A group of parallel lines
A line with continued curves or bumps
Man-made shapes with names. These shapes usually have straight edges.
A path made from a moving dot
Irregular, natural shapes without common names.
A line with continued corners, or points, like a cartoon drawing of a lightning bolt
The main subject, or the focus of your work.
The lightest value on the value scale
Refers to the level of lightness or darkness
The way we see different wavelengths of light from the sun.
The darkest value on the value scale
A line that runs on an angle, like the four sides of a diamond
Groups of parallel lines that cross each other, like a plaid.
Lines that run side by side and never intersect. These lines always have the same distance between them.
A line that runs up and down, or north to south
The way something feels or the way it looks like it would feel.
The areas around and in between the main subject.
A 3-dimensional structure, object or being.
A line that looks like a snail shell
A closed line that is 2-dimensional
A line that looks like the wire binding of a spiral notebook
A line with one bend, or bump