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Basic Bee Biology

Bee Smart beekeeping project
Two of these segmented sensory organs are on the head of a bee.
Tiny holes along the sides of a bee through which they breathe.
The proper name bee blood.
The gland often thought of as a 2nd stomach in a bee.
This is between the the "honey stomach" and the digestive stomach.
The primary motor functions are on a bee.
Bees use these to groom and eat with.
Bees have three of these simple eyes.
The original purpose and name of the female bees sting.
Primary defensive weapon on a bee.
The underside of a bee.
Threadlike tubes through which oxygen is carried inside of bees.
Where the main sensory input is located on a bee.
Exterior dorsal gland on a honey bee from which they excrete the "marker" pheromone.
The digestive, reproductive and defensive functions are in this part of a bee.
The reproductive, "container" in the abdomen that can store and keep alive the sperm of the drones a Queen bee mates with.
Another way to refer to the digestive stomach
Bees have two of these primary types of eye.
The top side of a bee.
The sucking "tube" used by bees to intake nectar and other liquids.
Bees have 4 of these.
Bees antennae are made up of multiple______.
The blood pumping organ in bees containing 5 chambers.
# of main parts of a bees body.