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Early History of the Americas & Mexico

The official language of the Incas
Also known as Rio Grande- forms part of Mexico's border with the US
A crop that farmers grow mainly to sell for a profit.
The Spanish name for people of mixed European and Indian ancestry.
Church outposts.
Raised roads across water or wet ground.
Peninsula stretching from northern Mexico into the Pacific Ocean
The practice of burning forests to clear land for planting.
A land with different territories and peoples under a single ruler.
A rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power.
"Mother range" made up of three mountain ranges in Mexico.
Body of water that forms Mexico's eastern border.
Huge expanses of farm or ranch land.
The capital of the Inca Empire; modern day Peru
Piece of land surrounded on three sides by water
This city is the world's second largest city, and the capital of Mexico.
Buildings from which people could study the sky.
US and foreign-owned factories in Mexico.
Island city and capital of the Aztec Empire
Spanish conquerors
Maya City in which the king Pacal had a temple built to record his achievements.
A mixture of smoke, chemicals and fog.