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World History 5-6

What a person leaves behind when they die
Short story that teaches a lesson
Religious traveler
Story told by actors and actresses
Drama with unhappy ending
River in central India
Speaks for the gods
Government headed by religious leaders
Maurya Emperor
One of two directions in a crossword puzzle
Belief that happiness comes from doing your duty
Rebirth of the soul into different bodies
Story describing gods or heroes or explaining nature
One who studies the stars
Release from reincarnation
Part of, but separated from, a larger continent
Line of rulers from the same family
Came to India from Central Asia
Social class which one is born into
To successfully do something
Aryan written language
Religion which grew out of Aryan beliefs
Geometry which studies spheres and cylinders
Good or bad energy build up by ones actions
Geometry which studies line, points, and surfaces
Drama with happy ending
Mountain range in Northern India
Persian governor
Common people
Devine law which requires one to perform their duties
Belief that happiness is the goal of life
Greek like
To lessen
Number of Noble Truths
The universal spirit
Early civilization in India
Buddhist shrine
The way to truth is to give up earthly desires
Strong winds
Indian Prince
Long poem about heroic deeds