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US History 1-2.1, 2.2, 2,3

A gift
Indian chief who supplied Jamestown with corn
Helped sailors determine their latitude
These animals were part of the Columbian Exchange
Aztec emperor
Columbus was looking for a passage to this continent
Decisive moment in history
The Church of England
Incan recording devise
To sail around the world
How English took over New York
Spanish born landowners
Exchange between Europe and the Americas
Edge of a settlement
Fabled passage through North America
Large Spanish land grant
This Hutchinson was kicked out of the MBC
Conquered the Incan empire
American colonists of Spanish decent
Roger Williams settled this "island"
Magna Carta limited power of the King of this country
English settlement which disappeared
Lead Dutch to settle on Manhattan Island
Started the Protestant Reformation
Mode of transportation which brought settlers to America
Wampanoag "King"
Crop which saved Jamestown
Both a bay and a river
This "Marco" traveled overland to Asia
Northern part of Massachusetts
Large estate
Settlement used to convert Indians to Christianity
French "runners of the wood"
Servant who contracted to work for a period of time in colonial America
Virginia community nearer to the coast
Jamestown was named after this King
Area ruled from a distant land
Puritans settled here
Agreement between two nations
Representative in colonial Virginia
Sun-dried brick
Document giving certain rights to a person or company
Virginia community farther inland, hilly country
Built by Native Americans in the Mississippi River Valley
One of Columbus's ships
Chinese emperor with fleet of more than 300 ships
When they first saw America, sailors cried out "Tierra! Tierra! which means this
Two or more related groups