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Nature of Science Crossword

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Directions: Use your study guide to complete the crossword puzzle. Turn into the tray when completed. If you do not finish this in class today, it is due TUESDAY! 
Interpreting observations based on reasoning from what you already know
Well-supported explanation of a natural event
The SI unit for length
Representation of a complex object or process
An experiment in which only one variable is manipulated at a time
Observations that deal with descriptions
Line graph where all data points fall in a straight line
Variables that must stay they same so researchers can draw logical conclusions
Evidence and observations that come from critical testing
When scientists put things into categories
SI unit for mass
Research based on observations without interfering
Describes what happens under certain conditions
The amount of space an object takes up
Variable that is measured or observed during an experiment
Repeating your own experiment to make sure the results are accurate
Beliefs, theories, or practices that are considered scientific but have no basis in scientific fact.
Process used to find the volume of an irregular-shaped object
Observations that deal with numbers or amounts
Variable that is being tested
Modern version of the metric system
A possible answer to a scientific question
The force of gravity acting on an object
Organize data into a picture that can be analyzed
Refers to the key principles and ideas that describe science as a way of knowing
When a different scientist completes the experiment by following the same procedures
Measured using a triple-beam balance
Continuous cycle of asking questions about the natural world and looking for answers
The amount of matter in a given volume
Scientific knowledge is __________ because it is open to change as new evidence or interpretations occur