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Papa John's Crossword

This is where Papa John's first started. This location is where you go to get alcohol in public.
Papa John's is the official pizza sponsor of the National __________ League
In Kentucky, there is Papa John's Cardinal _______. This word is where athletes compete.
This is where Papa John's headquarters is currently located. This word is the beginning of Colonel Sander's restaurant.
Papa John's logo is Better ___________, Better Pizza
When the business first started, John bought $1600 worth of _________.
The owner of this company shares a name with ____ F Kennedy
This state was where the pizza company started. It has 7 letters and starts with an I
Papa John's is a successful ________
John went into the pizza industry at _____s. This word is also in the biggest mountain in Colorado.
This style of business is where someone owns the restaurant, but not business
This restaurant specializes in
Papa John's is the _____ largest restaurant chain for Pizza delivery and Take out in the world. This number rhymes with bird
John Schnatter sold his ___ to buy pizza equipment