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Miner Bees

Bee Smart beekeeping project
The smallest species of bee in North America. Found in the Sonoran desert.
Genus of the Tribe Panurgini. often re-use ground nest sites for many years.
A solitary bee Genus in of the tribe of Protandrenini.
Species of Andrena subfamily of bees thought to be a better pollinator of cultivated onions than honey bees.
One of the two tribes of the Andrenindae subfamily, Paniurginae.
A Genus of solitary bees in the tribe Panurgini. Most of which seem to specialize on Sunflowers.
A genus of the Perditini Tribe of bees. Includes about 30 species.
Tribe of bees in the Panurginae subfamily. The smallest bees in the U.S. belong to this tribe.
A common species of Megandrena that only visits creosote bush for pollen.
A genus in the Perditini tribe. Latin for "Lost". Includes the smallest species of bees in the U.S. Includes over 650 species.
The one species of Anthemurgis which specializes in the yellow passionflower (Passiflora lutea)
The only Genera of the Tribe Calliopsini with approx. 90 species. Also in the Panurginae subfamily.
Subfamily of the Andrenidae Family of bees.
The only species of Protoxaea Genus of bees. Known as good "buzz" pollinators.
A genera of 5 species of bee in the Andreninae family of bees mostly found in desert areas of the American South-West.
A rare genera of bees in the Andreninae family of bees. Means "Big Andrena" in Greek.
A Genus of Panurgini tribe that has only one species.
One of the two rare species of bee found only in Nevada in the Megandrena genera in the the Andreninae family of bees.
A metallic blue-green species of miner bee.
Greek for the "Andrena", a one of the genera of the Andreninae family of bees.
A species of Panurginus miner bee are known for high population densities in concentrated areas.
A subfamily of the Andrenidae Family of bees. There re 4 genera and 19 species of these bees.
A Tribe of Oxaeinae subfamily of dark colored bees. Only 7 species have been found in the U.S.
A species of Andrena genus miner bee that seems to be immune to the neurotoxic plant known as the "Death Cama"
Very fast, fuzzy "hearty" Genus of bees in the Oxaeinae subfamily with only one species in the U.S.
Family of bees also known as "Mining Bees".
A subgenus of Calliopsis which specialize in and visit only Verbena flowers.
A species of Protandrena bee that specializes in the "Bee Balm" plant.
One of the two tribes of the subfamily Panurginae