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History of Medicine and Pharmacy

Worms with suckers that attach to skin and suck the host's blood
Fly larvae that feed on deed tissue
Analgesic that is made from a poppy plant
First real pharmacy technicians
A Greek scientist and philosopher
Issues a national exam for pharmacy technicians
The practice of draining blood thought to release illness
Person who dispenses drugs & counsels patients on medication use and any interactions it may have
Latin term for pharmacist; also a place where drugs are sold
Considered god of healing and medicine
Swiss physician, philosopher, and scientist
The science and art of dealing with the maintenance of health
Agents that bind to opioid receptors
Father of genetics
Often confused as the staff of the medical field
A person who holds a high place of honor in a tribe as a healer and spiritual mediator
Code of beliefs based on ideology & religion rather than factual evidence
The name of the national exam for pharmacy technicians
A practice of making an opening to allow disease to leave the body
Greek physician & philosopher considered to be the father of medicine
Drug or remedy; place where drugs are sold
A mixture of opium and alcohol used to treat many illnesses